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NFM can provide custom built ASME code and non-code, single and multi cartridge and bag filter housing, along with all bags, cartridges, parts and accessories.

NFM can also provide customer built ASME code and non-code strainers, single, duplex, y-type, tee-type and temporary, along with all baskets, parts and accessories

We can provide in stainless, carbon steel, various grades of hastelloy, polypropylene, PVDF, PVC and CPVC and coatings such as PTFE/FEP, ECTFE, Polyurethane and Epoxy.

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Strainer Bags

Filter Cartridges

Filter Housing Parts

Custom Products
Replacement Strainer Bags: Micron Rated in Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, multi and mono-filaments, Hi-Temp - All sizes including but not limited to #1 and #2 size.  We can also fabricate to your requirements.

Replacement Filter Cartridges: String Wound/Yarn Wrapped, Melt Blown Polypropylene, Pleated Absolute Rated Cartridges


NFM can supply replacements parts for both Bag and Cartridge Filter Housings. 



NFM manufactures a wide range of wet filtration products from many special synthetic fabrics with special yarns, weave and finishes. Show are the filter cloths for an Lasta Filter Press, a vacuum drum filter belt, a filter cloth for a filter press, a bag for a pressure filter, a disc sector bag and another filter press filter cloth. Many filter cloth items require specialty fittings such as grommets, eyelets, special reinforcements, special threads, Velcro, zippers and elastomers are manufactured by the NFM for customer’s specific requirements.
NFM manufactures a wide range of filter cloths for Filter Presses of many manufacturers using special synthetic fabrics woven and non woven with special finishes to meet the needs of production and chemical resistance. Custom manufacturing is noted in the special feed eye, tabs and reinforcements with holes punched to fit the filter press plate.
NFM manufactures a wide range of filter press cloths to meet the needs of the many manufacturers of filter presses. This is a special filter cloth panel for the Lasta Filter Press.
NFM manufactures filter cloths for recessed plates, CGR plates and plate and frame filter presses. Reinforced center barrels, heat cut eyelets and special grommets are but a few of the detailed manufactured products that NFM manufactures.
NFM has many highly trained employees that are skilled in their profession with quality their most important product.

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